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Web Site Maintenance

Web Site Mission Statement

The OLPH parish web site is a tool for us, the parishioners. It reflects the static and dynamic nature of the church. It proclaims that we have faith in God and that we act upon that faith. It shows who we are, what we believe and how we are organized to enact our beliefs and keep the parish running smoothly; this information consists of data like mission statements, activity schedules, meeting notes, member lists and organizational structures. The web site also celebrates what we do and how we live our beliefs. The OLPH iHerald is the record of how we have acted on our faith and how we have lived our beliefs.

Information about the static nature of the church is embodied in the Stewardship Guide and in the organizational structure of our councils, committees and ministries. These data are part of the foundation of our church and are changed with care and deliberation using formalized proceedures.

On the other hand, there is a dynamic side of OLPH, a side that always changes, always has a different face. We parishioners are that side; the things we do to live our beliefs are always new and always changing. The iHerald records our dynamic side. Updating the content is rather informal and simple: collect the content and send it to the web site maintainer; as long as the content is reasonably modest and humble, it will be included in the iHerald. The content comes from us parishioners in the pictures we take and the stories we write.

Stale Is Bad; Fresh Is Good

Keeping the web site up to date is a task in which we must all participate. All parishioners should report old, stale content to the respective organizations when they find it. Organization members must work together to ensure that the info about their group on the web site is accurate. Organization leaders (council/committee chairs, ministry heads, et al) are, by the nature of their positions, authorized to submit updates to the web site maintainer; no further permission is needed.


  • All parishioners are responsible for submitting content to the web site.
  • Textual content should be submitted in plain text.
  • Pictorial content should be submitted in the highest uncompressed resolution.
  • There are processes and procedures—some more formal and some less formal—involved in updating council, committee, ministry and club information.
  • The iHerald submission process is quite informal; all in the parish are welcome to submit stories, slide shows and photo albums that show how we live our beliefs.
  • The web site maintainer is responsible for editting the content to maintain reasonable stylistic consistency throughout the web site and for the presentation of the content.
  • Please submit Parish Family News Notes, last minute schedule changes and other changes and corrections for the Parish Highlights and Operations pages to the office staff.
  • Email iHerald stories and all other updates to the web site maintainer if they are fairly small. If it is large (such as a photo album), burn it to a CD or DVD and drop it off at the office.

When we all team up and work together, the web site will truly reflect our faith in God and how we act upon that faith.